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Coinmeca is the revamped Solana-based DEX in mission to solve the pain points addressed in conventional architecture. Driven by purpose in driving more agile, efficient and economical transactions via Solana wormhole, we are here to unleash full potential of cryptocurrencies.

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Exchange, Investment, Asset Management, And Payments. Experience in a new world unfolds at your fingertips.


Unparalleled Trading Experience

By leveraging Solana’s comparative advantage in 50,000 TPS with minimal fee, we aim to elevate the trading environment for users.

Apart from limit orders, we’ll present traders more diversified order options coupled with myriads of trading pairs facilitated and powered by Solana wormhole.


Efficient Asset Management

Users can manage and monetize their assets efficiently via staking and liquidity provision. Maximize the unnoted returns by trading assets conveniently with us.

Earn MECA and utilize exclusive benefits by contributing in liquidity mining and token purchase.